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Diaz Forest Products, LLC is a locally owned hardwood lumber mill specializing in Hardwood Lumber sales. We provide a variety of Northeastern Hardwood Lumber products to the commercial lumber industry as well as the gas and oil trade.


Standing Timber Procurement

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Log Sales 

We simultaneously strive to understand each individual landowners’ needs and expectations while offering our extensive knowledge of the forestry industry. Our Foresters are no more in their element than when they are in the woods “cruising” the land. A timber “cruise” is the way our competent foresters calculate the value of your land based on species, volume and grade. We offer free consultations and will evaluate the best price for your standing timber. We have numerous references available on demand so that you feel comfortable and know you can place your trust with us. 
Diaz Forest Products often pays for your timber 100% up front before the land is even harvested. Or we can pay a percentage up front, for tax purposes, all depending on how specified in the signed contract. Once ready for harvesting our knowledgeable staff is conscientious of your land and ensures your property stays in pristine condition while log cutting commences. When harvesting is done properly the sunlight comes down on the tops of the forest floor to allow for new growth and another harvest cycle over time if desired. 

Our team understands that in today’s market every dollar matters; that’s why we always offer the most fair and competitive price on your logs. Our broad offerings allow us to provide more generous bids on your roadside logs as compared to our competitors. We also have a large fleet of dedicated trucks available to pick up logs around the clock. Or if you prefer to avoid any trucking, call and schedule to bring your hardwood logs directly into our yard in Kingsley, Pennsylvania. 




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