GRADING – All logs are scaled using a Scribner rule. Logs are measured on the small end with one bark hooked (high-low average). Diameter deductions are made for sweep, crook, rot, dead wood, butt shake, and other defects which will reduce log yield. Longer and larger logs will have more room for adjustment in grade. Scaler’s discretion on log grade and scale is final. * Logs under 10”dia., Logs over 36”dia., Short logs, Logs with excessive defects, and Logs showing signs of metal will not be scaled.

VENEER- Doyle rule. Please call for Specifications and current markets.

PRIME X - 15” + dia. 8’6” and longer. Clear 4 sides. No more than 1/3 heart size in Ash and Maple. Even or odd lengths.

PRIME- 13” + dia. 10’ and longer and 14” on 8’6”. Clear 4 sides. No more than 1/2 heart in ash and hard maple. Larger and longer logs may contain a defect on one face.

#1 - 12” + dia. Clear 3 sides 8’-16’ in even or odd lengths.

#2 - 11” + dia. Clear 2 sides 8’-16’ in even or odd lengths. 10” dia. Butt logs. Clear 3 sides.

All Logs under 12” will be graded as a # 2a regardless of length.

TRIM – Minimum 6” on 8 foot logs and 4”-6” on all others.

DROP OFF- Logs may be brought in at any time. Loader service is available during regular operating hours (6:30am- 4:00pm M-F). After hours logs should be marked. ALL loads must be signed-in at the log booth at the end of the log yard.

PAYMENT– Checks for logs are available Friday at noon or by request. Checks may also be mailed.

HAULING- Arrangements can be made through our office for full loads. Please call for assistance.








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