Kingsley, PA

Diaz Forest Products, LLC is a locally owned hardwood lumber mill specializing in Hardwood Lumber sales. We provide a variety of Northeastern Hardwood Lumber products to the commercial lumber industry as well as the gas and oil trade.

 Additionally, we procure logs from landowners with standing timber and purchase “roadside” logs from local hardwood log sellers. Our mill has been operating in Kingsley, Pennsylvania for over sixty years. 
The Northern Hardwoods we offer, specific to the New York and Pennsylvania regions, are known for their beautiful grains, consistent coloring, and compact rings world-wide. We take great pride in our staff’s expertise and familiarity with all facets of the lumber and forestry industry. 
Our immersion into the industry for both lumber sales and forestry compels us to provide the most authentic and dependable service to our customers, as well as the loggers and landowners we buy from. Our long-standing customers can attest to our willingness to accommodate their needs and perpetually provide exactly what they want. 


phone: 570.289.4118 
     fax: 570.289.9958 

7686 State Route 167 Kingsley PA 18826

MON-FRI: 7AM – 4:30PM

MON-THUR: 7:00AM – 3:30PM
FRI: 7:00 AM – 2:00PM

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